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Sigma Nu - Mu Tau Chapter History

In 1998, UCO invited several national fraternities to campus for new expansion. Realizing the significance of this in 1999, Sigma Nu headquarters dispatched Kevin Weaver as its representative. After some successful lobbying on his behalf, Sigma Nu was accepted by IFC and gained permission to establish a colony at UCO. Weaver spoke at student organizations like UCOSA and President's Leadership Council to recruit enough men to start the colony. Weaver organized the original group of men, which became known as the "Dirty Dozen." On February 20, 1999, the UCO colony of Sigma Nu was officially recognized at the 90th anniversary celebration of the Delta Upsilon (Oklahoma) Chapter at the Petroleum Club in downtown Oklahoma City.

Soon after brother Justin Earley found a rent house at the corner of Edwards and Jackson. During Christmas Break of 1999 the first members of the colony nailed letters to the house and moved in. Now that the colony had a fraternity house they turned to the goal of receiving a charter from Sigma Nu headquarters. One criterion for receiving a charter was to have a thirty-man chapter. Sigma Nu had not colonized a chapter for several years and therefore the institutional knowledge from headquarters was not as substantial as it is today, i.e., recruiters visit campuses, recruit men and a colony becomes organized within a year. However, working together, the "Dirty Dozen" learned through trial and error, using its own experiences to organize and recruit the requisite number of men. Internally, the m colony organized itself, electing its first set of officers and writing a chapter constitution. Joe Smaligo, MT2, was elected the first colony commander. On March 9, 2002, the Mu Tau Chapter was chartered, and the colonists, many who had been candidates for three years, were knighted and made the Founding Fathers of the Mu Tau Chapter, number 272, of the Legion of Honor.

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